Hrm 531 week 1 to week 5 quizzes + week 2 to week 6 assignments /

HRM 531 Week 2 Assignment Employment law compliance plan

Complete the Employment Law Compliance Plan task as described in the message from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting Page


HRM 531 Week 4 Assignment Performance management plan

Complete the Performance Management Plan task as described in the Email from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting page.


HRM 531 Week 5 Assignment Clapton Commercial Construction Training Plan

Complete the Training Plan task as described in the Email from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting page.


HRM 531 Week 6 Assignment Recruitment and Selection Recommendations

Complete the Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations task, as described in the Email from Traci, located on the Atwood and Allen Consulting page. 



Week 1 Quiz

Your answers : 15/15 (100%)

1 The concept of _____ requires an employer not only to produce persuasive evidence of an employee’s liability or negligence, but also to provide the employee a fair hearing and to impose a penalty appropriate to the proven offense. 

2 A bona fide occupational qualification allows

3 A(n) _____ is a neutral facilitator between employees and managers who assists in resolving workplace disputes.


4 According to _____, an employee may not be fired because he or she refuses to commit an illegal act, such as perjury or price fixing. 

5 The right of employees to strike in support of their bargaining demands is protected by

6 The Civil Rights Act of 1871

7 A worker being fired for actions ranging from filing a workers’ compensation claim to reporting safety violations to government agencies is called

8 Mediation is most successful when

9 The role of government in the U.S. industrial relations system is:

10 Title VII is most relevant to the employment context because it _____ on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin in all aspects of employment.

11 In a unionized firm, the _____ clause of the collective bargaining agreement typically retains for management the authority to impose reasonable rules for workplace conduct and to discipline employees for just cause. 

12 In U.S. industrial relations, union organization is

13 While mediation assists the parties to reach their own settlement, _____ hears the positions of both and decides on binding settlement terms.

14 _____ refers to an employment relationship between an employer and an employee, under which either party can terminate the relationship without notice for any reason not prohibited by law.

15 One distinctive feature of the U.S. system compared with other countries is



Week 2 Quiz

Your answers : 21/21 (100%)

1 Reviews of both laboratory and field tests of _____________ are quite consistent. Individuals tend to follow a norm of fairness and to use it as a basis for distributing rewards.

 2  Which act covers private-sector employees over age 21 enrolled in noncontributory (100% employer-paid) retirement plans that have 1-year service?

 3 ______________cover 128 million workers in the United States.

4 Which of the following is NOT another name for gain sharing? 

5 The type of private pension plan in which an employer promises to pay a retiree a stated pension is a

6  Open pay systems tend to work best when

7 Gain sharing plans consist of all EXCEPT which of the following elements:

8 What is driving the increasing costs of healthcare?

9 At a comprehensive point of view, a(n) _____ includes anything an employee values and desires that an employer is able and willing to offer in exchange for employee contributions.

10 Narrowing pay ratios between jobs or pay grades in a firm’s pay structure is

11 In the United States, salary discussions among employees are protected under

12 Which of the following laws established the first national minimum wage?

13 One strategic issue that should influence the design of benefits is an organization’s

14 __________ is not legally required, and, because of unemployment compensation, many firms do not offer it.

 15 The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 requires that

16 Evidence indicates that the perceived value of benefits rises when employers introduce

17 The gatekeeper in a managed care health insurance plan is the

18 One downside of team incentives is that 

19 ___________bridge the gap between organizational objectives and individual expectations and aspirations.



In labor economics, __________________ theory holds that unless an employee can produce a value equal to the value received in wages, it will not be worthwhile to hire that worker.

21 ________________ provides a supplemental, one-time payment when death is accidental, and it provides a range of benefits when employees become disabled—that is, when they cannot perform the main functions of their occupations.



Week 3 Quiz

Your answers : 15/15 (100%)

1  Prior to the performance-feedback interview, the supervisor should

2 To avoid legal difficulties regarding performance appraisals, organizations should

3  One requirement of sound appraisal systems is _____, which refers to consistency of judgment.

 4 The answer to the question “What really makes the difference between success and failure on a particular job, and according to whom?” determines

5 Supervisors that excel at conducting performance-feedback interviews typically have received _________ prior to conducting appraisals.

 6 To minimize defensive behavior, procedures used for promotion decisions must be

7  Which of the following is an advantage of narrative essays? 

8  Appraisals provide legal and formal organizational justification for

9  _____ translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee behavior.

10 Which of the following is a disadvantage of forced distribution? 

11 ________ implies that a performance appraisal system is capable of distinguishing effective from ineffective performers.

12 From the organizations perspective, the four broad types of internal moves include 

13 The advantage of using a behavioral checklist is that

14 Psychologically, promotions help satisfy employees’ need for


15 Most companies require that appraisal results be


Week 4 Quiz


Your answers : 12/12 (100%)

1 Training methods used to stimulate learning can be classified in three ways, one of which is

2 When trainees are given the opportunity to practice far beyond the point where they have performed a task correctly several times, the task becomes second nature and is

3 The level of training needs analysis that focuses on identifying whether training supports the company’s strategic direction is called _____ analysis.

4 The impact of training on _____ is the most significant, but it is the most difficult effect to demonstrate.

5 Which of the following is an example of an on-the-job training method? 

6 The evaluation phase is one phase of the process for effective training to occur. Which of the following is not a part of the evaluation phase?

7 The level of training needs analysis that attempts to identify the content of the training is _____ analysis. 

 8 _____ refers to the material that is rich in association for the trainees and is therefore easily understood by them. 

9 Which of the following is an example of the simulation method of training? 

10 In evaluating training programs, it is important to distinguish _____ from data-collection methods. 

11 Which theory is founded on the premise that an individual’s intentions regulate his or her behavior? 

12 _____ analysis is helpful in determining the special needs of a particular group, such as older workers, women, or managers at different levels. 






Week 5 Quiz

Your answers : 15/15 (100%)

1 The role of organizational culture in staffing is best applied if companies

2 Promotion-from-within policies must ______________, coupled with a company philosophy that permits employees to consider available opportunities within the organization.

3 The information least likely to be obtained in reference checks and recommendations is

4 Which act requires third-party investigators to secure the applicant’s written consent prior to doing a background check?

5 Which law gives students the legal right to see all letters of recommendation written about them and also permits release of information about a student only to people approved by the student at the time of the request?

6 Which of the following statements about a company using a passive nondiscrimination posture is true? 

7 A soft-quota system

8 Which of the following is a concerted effort by the organization to actively expand the pool of applicants so that no one is excluded because of past or present discrimination? 

9 The step following recruitment is ________, which is basically a rapid, rough selection process.

10 Which of the following statements about an aging organization is true?

11 When implementing recruitment activities, initial consideration should be given to a company’s __________, especially for filling jobs above the entry level.

12 Typically, the first step in an employee’s introduction to company policies, practices, and benefits is a(n) _________ program.

13 Recruitment begins by specifying __________, which are the typical result of job analysis and workforce planning activities.

14 This type of management style is often associated with organizations in the embryonic stage.

15 _________ affect recruitment policies because firms often give preference to current employees in promotions, transfers, and other career-enhancing opportunities.






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